Published On: Sat, Mar 26th, 2011
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Panasonic Split Air Conditioners (AC) Cube Price List in India

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Panasonic Corporation is a Japan based electronic company has 30 split AC model in India and the price start from Rs. 18,890.

Here is the latest price list(rate chart) of Panasonic split AC models:

Panasonic Air Conditioner (Split) Model Price Price List
Panasonic-CS-YC9KKY Price Rs. 18,900
Panasonic-CS-YC12JKY-1 Price Rs. 21,150
Panasonic-CS-YC12JKY Price Rs. 21,900
Panasonic-CS-PC12KKY Price Rs. 23,150
Panasonic-CS-YC18JKY-1 Price Rs. 25,150
Panasonic-CS-PC12JKY Price Rs. 25,400
Panasonic-CS-YC18JKY Price Rs. 25,900
Panasonic-CS-KC12KKY Price Rs. 26,900
Panasonic-CS-YC18KKY Price Rs. 26,900
Panasonic-CS-PC18KKY Price Rs. 28,900
Panasonic-CS-C12JKY Price Rs. 29,500
Panasonic-CS-YC24JKY-1 Price Rs. 30,150
Panasonic-CS-PC18JKY Price Rs. 30,800
Panasonic-CS-C12KKY Price Rs. 30,900
Panasonic-CS-YC24JKY Price Rs. 30,900
Panasonic-CS-PC24KKY Price Rs. 32,150
Panasonic-CS-KC18KKY Price Rs. 32,900
Panasonic-CS-A12KKY Price Rs. 35,500
Panasonic-CS-PC24JKY Price Rs. 35,800
Panasonic-CS-KC24KKY Price Rs. 38,900
Panasonic-CS-C18JKY Price Rs. 39,500
Panasonic-CS-S12KKY Price Rs. 40,900
Panasonic-CS-C18KKY Price Rs. 41,900
Panasonic-CS-C24JKY Price Rs. 45,500
Panasonic-CS-A18KKY Price Rs. 47,500
Panasonic-CS-C24KKY Price Rs. 47,900
Panasonic-CS-A24KKY Price Rs. 53,500
Panasonic-CS-S18KKY Price Rs. 56,900
Panasonic-CS-C28KKY Price Rs. 57,900
Panasonic-CS-S24KKY Price Rs. 62,900

*Price may differ from state to state, or even in different city and town of same state due to different tax or other benefits.

Click Here For Panasonic Split Cube Ac (Air Conditioners) Price List In Chennai India

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  1. kaushik k. pandya says:

    pls. sen me price for 1 ton 5star Split Air Conditioners (AC) Cube

  2. Rahul Atwal says:

    pls send me price of cube 1.25 ton

  3. urgent

    pls send me price of cube 1.25 ton & 1.50 ton….

    And Purchaging Address in East Delhi Mayur Vihar Ph- I Area………

  4. pls. sen me price for 1 ton 5star Split Air Conditioners (AC) Cube

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